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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Little Astin's SIck!

The poor little guy has the flu. He's so sick he had to make a visit to the Emergency Room today for treatment. He got an IV introduction of fluids because he was dehydrated and if he's not better tomorrow, he has to go back. The hospital left in the IV port so he won't have to be poked again if he needs more fluids.

We saw the Astin and his mom & dad when we returned their car after it was repaired (finally) this afternoon. I had the car hauled away from the shop where it had been for so long, to a 2nd shop. They worked on it Friday until they exhausted their skills and suggested a 3rd garage. Today the car was hauled down there and 4 hours later it had another new fuel pump and was running fine.

We decided to just run it straight down to Kye & Sara since we had the time and opportunity. Half way to their place the Check Engine light did come on but I just carried on and took it to them that way. The kids have some work to do, a duplicate title needs ordered from Illinois, then re-registered in Utah and then inspected and insured. But at least the car seems to be running well and everything seems to work. Once they get the papers sorted out, their car problems should be under control.

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